One last message to the unsaved.

Attention Christians!

Have you been looking for a way to deliver a message to your unsaved friends and loved ones once you have been whisked away to heaven on Jesus's golden chariot?

Maybe you'd like to give them one last chance at salvation, remind them that you'll be thinking of them as they suffer for eternity, or just do a little friendly gloating?

If so, the Uncle Reverend Big Mike has just the thing for you: ApocalyGrams. Just fill out the simple form and your own personal message will be safely locked away. When the rapture comes, Uncle Reverend Big Mike (who has ensured that he will remain here on Earth) will then personally fire off your emails. If something goes wrong, he'll be here and able to use his world-class troubleshooting skills to do whatever it takes to get those emails out. All for free.

Furthermore, if you need more assurance that your unsaved loved one will get your message, the Uncle Reverend Big Mike also offers an assortment of Premium ApocalyGrams for every budget, lifestyle, and individual.

So go ahead, serve your maker. The Uncle Reverend Big Mike's still going to be here to serve YOU!

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