Delivering messages to the unsaved, by the unsaved.

This page is where ANYONE can queue a letter to be delivered only after the Christians have left for heaven. Uncle Reverend Big Mike will still be around and will do his best (with what resources remain) to electronically deliver these messages to their recipients.

If you require more advanced services, please look into the Premium ApocalyGram Services.

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This is who the message will be from. It can be a name, an email address, both, whatever you want to put. Soon, as we constantly work to improve the system, it will appear in the from field of emails sent, post-rapture. Were the rapture to happen tomorrow, it would simply be a field in the body of the message. 64 character maximum.

From name:

This is the email address of the unsaved person you'd like to send an email to. It has to be a real, valid email address or what's the point?

Enter multiple addresses, separated by spaces, to send the same message to different addresses. But wouldn't you rather personalize each one? There's no limit to how many ApocalyGrams you can send. 256 character maximum.

To email address(es):

This will be placed in the subject of the email, after '[ApocalyGrams]. 64 Character Maximum.'



This is the message that will be sent. Put whatever you like. If you need ideas, click on the example buttons and modify at will. Nothing else will appear in the body of the message. Plain-text only please (lines will break where you break them).


Message to the unsaved:

All sales are final. Void where prohibited by law. Please note that these services are offered with no guarantee other than the word of Uncle Reverend Big Mike that he will do his very best to achieve what he can in the way of delivering on these services. It is impossible to know for sure which and to what degree apocalyptic disasters will stand in his way, and he cannot be held responsible for failing to achieve his goals for any reason, including (but not limited to) plague; war; conquest; famine; pestilence; rivers, oceans, and/or lakes of fire; earthquakes; wild beasts of the earth; mourning; crying; pain; persecution; terror; nakedness; danger; Christ; or death. Please contact us with any questions.